Summer Is Almost Here!


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Who is excited!? I am! I can’t wait to just lounge around and sleep. I honestly love sleeping. My summer will consist of working, sleeping, boyfriend, and working out.

Once summer hits, I plan on starting Insanity again. I previously had done Insanity two weeks during Christmas break, and I want to start again. I also want to be doing kickboxing and other fun cardio activities. I’m so tired with school, I just want to be able to seriously focus on working out!

Stay fit friends!


Motivation and Hard Work


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This, ladies and gentlemen, is my best friend Ashleigh. Now, I think Ashleigh is absolutely beautiful. She’s smart, kind, funny, caring, and so many other things you look for in a best friend. Ashleigh, another friend named Marisa, and I all signed up for the Twin Cities Color Run in July. The three of us are working towards being healthier and living healthier lives.


This is Ashleigh after just a few days of doing Pilates and eating healthy. See what just a few days of motivation and determination can do?! All of us have a way to go before our goals, but I’m so proud of her. Way to go, Ashleigh!

One Thing I Hate…


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Well, I hate a lot of things, but one thing in particular I hate about the gym is when “big, macho man guys” feel the need to talk to me while I’m trying to workout.

Today, for instance. I was minding my own business, just doing some leg workouts while jammin’ to Of Mice And Men when this bro decides to wander over and interrupt me. Now, I have no problem talking to people and being friendly, but don’t try and tell me how to workout. I’m all for constructive criticism, and I appreciate other’s help and ideas when it comes to workouts, but when you come up to me and go, “You are going to benefit more if you do this…I’m in the military so I know what I’m talking about.” 

Okay? Big whoop. My brother is in the military and that doesn’t make him a fitness expert. Just leave me alone, and let me do my thing. I would have accepted the first part of your statement had you not added on the fact that you are in the military…bro

Do others hate this, too? Or am I just overreacting?

Keep kickin’ ass, babes!

I Suck


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I realize I haven’t posted in five-ever, and I’m sorry, but I just have been so busy it’s ridiculous. 

I also haven’t worked out in about two weeks…fail. I got a tattoo that covers my rips, and while I know pretty much everyone still works out when they get tattoos, my ribs were so bruised it hurt to move. And then when that was healed, my body decided to betray me. Since this year is the worst year for allergies, I completely lost my voice, coughed up both lungs, and snorted enough mucus out my nose to go through three Kleenex boxes. Not fun.


Anyway, I hope to be back now. I got myself an adorable boyfriend, so even though I’ve hooked him, I have to keep him. No slacking! 😀 

Back in the Game


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Welp, I will admit. I’ve been slacking on my blog and my workouts. I know, I’m horrible. But now that it’s a new term, I’m ready to bring it! Only eight more weeks til summer, and while I’m beginning to see changes in my body, I want to see more. I actually want to be at the gym!

So as soon as this slightly boring 50 minuet class is over, you can guess where I’ll be!

Stay fit and beautiful, friends!

The Boot


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Or foot rather. Since STL has lovely bipolar weather, my foot has dried out so much that there is a cut that runs all the way across my right heel. Which means I have to limp everywhere I go because it hurts to walk on.  But of course, the other day I decided to run on the treadmill (something I never do so look at me go!) and that probably wasn’t the best idea. It hurts so bad, but I’ve pushed through my workouts the past few days. I deserve a pedicure, ASAP